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Cricket clothing has been an integral part of the sport since its inception. During the hot summers in Britain in the 18 century Danny Ainge Jersey , you could find a number of well-dressed gentlemen playing cricket and sweating profusely. As cricket turned to a professional sport recognized in several parts of the world, the need for proper cricket clothing arose.


Cricket whites came about during the 19th century where players wore formal white shirts, comfortable white trousers and a pullover. The cricket clothing was made of the available materials at the time. White was chosen to mark the beginning on summer. Currently, cricket whites are only worn during test matches. All other tournaments such as the world cup and one day matches have the teams wearing coloured cricket clothing. The quality of materials used has also changed drastically. Manufacturers now use materials which are more comfortable and easier for the players to move in during the matches.


Here is a list of the important elements of proper cricket clothing that every professional cricketer must possess:

A polo shirt which is white in colour and short sleeve is worn by all the players. Comfortable white trousers which tend to have slight red stains where the bowler polished the leather ball. Cricket caps are usually worn by players during the day matches to shade their eyes from the sun. The batsman and wicket keeper however are required to wear helmets for protection. This is crucial to protect them from the dangers of the leather ball which is potentially lethal. Every professional cricketer must own a pair of quality cricket shoes. Each player has a different style of playing and must purchase shoes based on this. Manufacturers provide cricketers with a variety of shoes based the position they play for. The needs of a batsman differ from those of a bowler. Hence one must keep this in mind when purchasing footwear. Another important part of cricket clothing is the protective gear required to be worn by the batsman and wicket keeper. Besides the helmet Bob Cousy Jersey , there are a variety of pads that are available for a cricketer to choose from. A batsman would require more protection since he is in the direct line of fire of that cricket ball. Thigh pads, chest guard and gloves are crucial elements that must be worn to protect one’s body from the force of the ball. A wicket keeper requires a lesser amount of protection since the chances of him getting hit by the ball are lower. One is still advised to wear a helmet and thigh pads as these are areas most likely to get injured during the game. There are also gives which have been specially designed for wicket keepers.

All professional cricket players are required to own the required cricket clothing when playing in official matches and tournaments.


LUSAKA, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- The commissioning of works to construct a new international airport in Zambia's Ndola city in the Copperbelt Province recently goes to exemplify Chinese efforts to help Zambia's infrastructure development drive.


The 397 million-US dollar project, being undertaken by Chinese contractor AVIC International and funded by the Export and Import Bank of China Bill Russell Jersey , is but one among other projects China has funded as Zambia rolls out its infrastructure projects.


The new airport will not only boost the economic prospect of the province but also add to the improvement in the country's infrastructure landscape.


The project, to be completed within three years, involves a 12,000 square meter modern terminal building Aron Baynes Jersey , a 3.5 kilometer runway, cargo terminal as well as a hotel.


""I am sure that the new airport will significantly improve traffic connections of the Copperbelt both within Zambia and with Zambia's neighboring countries, thus promote more trade exchanges, attract more foreign investment Al Horford Jersey , and increase flow of goods and personnel,"" Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming said in remarks delivered during the launch of construction works in June this year.


His comments have been supported by Zambian President Edgar Lungu who feels that the project will result in the creation of jobs in the province and boost the economic prospect of not only the province but the entire country as a whole.


According to him, around 3,000 jobs will be created during the project's construction Boston Celtics T-Shirts , and 5,000 jobs are expected to be created once the project is completed.


The Zambian leader noted that his government has prioritized infrastructure development because no development could take place without good infrastructure.


""Government has prioritized transport and communication because it is critical for development. For us to diversify the economy, we must construct infrastructure necessary for the level of develop we envision,"" he said.


Infrastructure development has been at the core of Zambia's development agenda since 2011 when the Patriotic Front (PF) came into power after winning the elections Custom Boston Celtics Jersey , and there is no doubt that the Chinese government and enterprises have been playing an important role in driving the agenda.


In another case, the expansion project at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in the country's capital is underway with funding support from China. The project is expected to be completed by 2019.


According to Mweembe Sikaulu, spokesperson of the Zambia Airports Corporation, the country's biggest airport would have a new international terminal Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys , air traffic control tower, rescue and fire services as well as two hotels within the airport.


The 360 million dollars Chinese-funded project will result in an improvement in passenger-handling capacity from the current two million to six million passengers.




From the Mongu-Kalabo Road, a 34 kilometer road with 26 bridges across it and constructed by China's Avic International in the western part of the country to the. Cheap Shirts   Cheap Shirts   Cheap Hoodies   Cheap Hats   Cheap Nike NFL Hats   Cheap Basketball Jerseys   Cheap Hockey Jerseys   Cheap NCAA Shirts China   Wholesale MLB Jerseys   Wholesale College Shirts