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Barceloneta or 'little Barcelona' is a part of Barcelona. Centuries ago Dallas Goedert Shirt , fishermen settled in this area. History

Barceloneta or 'little Barcelona' is a part of Barcelona. Centuries ago, fishermen settled in this area. It was a poor part of the city, with narrow streets and small houses. When the people rose against the King Felipe V Carson Wentz Shirt , he decided to punish them. He ordered them to build a fortress on the place where their houses stood. People demolished their houses and built a fortress - a park today.

How to get there

It is easy to get to Barceloneta on foot. This area is about 15 minutes away from the city center. Those who do not like to walk can take a subway to Barceloneta - the yellow line, L4. The best sightseeing of Barceloneta can be done while riding a bike. Tourists can hire a bicycle and drive along the seaside as well.

Places to visit

This part of Barcelona has many attractions to offer to the tourists. It is located in the Port Vell center, the Aquarium is the main attraction in Barceloneta. Apart from the aquarium in Genoa Clayton Thorson Shirt , this is one of the biggest aquariums in the whole of Europe. This place is a home for thousands of animals: sharks, dolphins, small fish Shareef Miller Shirt , penguins... It has a special passage for the visitors to watch these animals while they are swimming around. For the ticket, that costs 16 鈧? visitors get a lot of entertainment. Barceloneta has another place full of animals. It is a zoo. Several years ago, this zoo was very famous because of the albino gorilla JJ Arcega-Whiteside Shirt , Snowflake. Today, this gorilla is no longer alive, but the zoo is still the place that has a lot to show like the scientific museum.

Another attraction in Barceloneta is the Park de la Ciutadella. This huge park grew on a spot where the fortress stood before. Since the people hated the fortress Miles Sanders Shirt , they demolished majority of its walls in the 19th century. From the old fortification, remained only a church and some parts of the walls. Nowadays, there is a zoo Andre Dillard Shirt , museum and a lake in the park.

The Catalan Parliament is located there as well. Barceloneta has two museums. Those are Catalonia's Museum of History and Museum of Natural History. Children particularly like the second one. It displays a rain forest that can be seen from all the perspectives and even from below.

Beach and a promenade

Barceloneta also has a lovely sandy beach. The beach is covered with yellow sand and has all the necessary facilities. Along the beach there is a promenade with many restaurants. Many locals still earn their money by fishing, so these restaurants are the perfect places to enjoy the sea food. When the night falls, bars and restaurants become the places that are crowded by the tourists. Apart from the delicious meals and fine domestic wine DeSean Jackson Shirt , they have the opportunity to enjoy the lovely music.

In part one of this article we discussed numbers in nature and their possible philosophical significance. In this part we consider some other unusual aspects of numbers.


Zero and Infinity


Unlike other real numbers zero and infinity do not have any quantitative attribute. Strictly speaking they are not numbers although mathematicians do consider zero as a finite number. The statement that I have five dollars makes perfect sense but ?I have zero dollars? does not. If asked to I can show the five dollars but cannot show the zero. So zero is just a concept like infinity. The concept of a thing is not the thing itself but only an attempt to describe what it is.


Zero and infinity figure prominently in philosophy, especially in Eastern philosophies. They are considered two sides of the same coin, as are all pairs of opposites. They are interlinked like the two ends of an infinite spiral and also contained in each other. We cannot go into the details of these philosophical arguments here and simply mention that the Ultimate Reality is described as 'smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest? (Vedanta) and ?nothing is everything? (Tao).


Irrational and Transcendental Numbers


Numbers that cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers are called irrational. I suppose they are called irrational because of the belief that the only rational way of expressing a number is in terms of two other whole numbers. Their decimal expansions do not terminate nor become periodic. The most well known irrational number is the square root of two. These numbers are Randall Cunningham Shirt , by definition, indeterminate, although geometrically one can get the value of square root of two by measuring the hypotenuse of a right-angle triangle with height and base equal to one. However Brian Dawkins Jersey , as we shall see later, it brings in another problem ? the error of measurement.

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