WPZ7: The Waterless Pro Zone with Steve ?DUKE? Wolshin of Kauai Auto Detail Autos Articles | April 1 Deion Jones Hat , 2015


The weather is changing and it is time to stock up with the best waterless car wash products and detailing supplies. Remember, Don’t just clean it, Pearl it.


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The weather is changing and it is time to stock up with the best waterless car wash products and detailing supplies. Remember Keanu Neal Hat , Don’t just clean it, Pearl it.


This episode we are talking to Steve Wolshin “aka Duke” from the beautiful island of Kauai.


Duke is a long time sales and marketing guru for the major car dealerships in Hawaii. He has also been a Realtor for decades. When he is not selling properties, and managing his rental beach house,?he is managing his waterless detailing location.


As you already know Takkarist McKinley Hat , I like to present to you a?short list of Marketing Tactics, Tech Tools, Books and Podcasts.


I want you to develop a business marketing?& technology mindset. This mindset and knowing the latest and greatest is only half the battle. Implementing it is the other half.


By reading and listening about stories of successful people and using the latest marketing tools and tactics in your business, will help you become more successful in your business.


Now on to our first topic:





Marketing Tactic: A Daily Blog Post – Do you want to reach your audience? DO you want to be an authority in your space? People in your industry want to read bout your ideas Alex Mack Hat , strategies, industry topics and special offers. from 100 to 1000 words. Make it a point to write a quick blog post, with pictures (if possible) and post it on your website. Over time, Google sees you are a regular contributor and will reward you with higher rankings on the Search engine. Be sure it is relevant and on topic at all times. Again it can be once per day or once per week. Just do it and every little bit helps.


The Book of the week – Bold Vic Beasley Jr Hat , Peter Diamondis & Steven Kolter –?These guys?focus on the exponential technologies that are disrupting today’s Fortune 500 companies like Airbnb & Uber – One the quotes I liked was when he asked how can someone make a billion dollars? By solving a billion person problem.?Head on over to?comaudioto find the link to this book. You won’t be sorry about it.


Technology –? Google Gmail Suite – From Gmail to Google Docs, GooglePlus to DRIVE and the Calendar. Gmail is awesome. There are 20-30 different applications all for free in one suite. You can go out and buy each one from a different vendor or get it all for free here. Podcast of the week. Tropical MBA with Dan Andrews is a?great podcast. These guys are digital nomads who have started multiple businesses, outsourced most of them and continue to travel around the globe helping people live their dreams. Check out Dan at?comevery Thursday. I never miss it. Now for today’s guest – Steve Wolshin from the beautiful island of Kauai.

Duke is a hard-working guy living in paradise, running his companies from the beach.


Please welcome my friend Steve Wolshin Matt Ryan Hat , AKA, Duke, and?we will see you on the other side.


I hope you enjoyed that interview with Steve.


Next week we will have Rick Horvath, from Toledo Devonta Freeman Hat , Ohio, on the Waterless Pro Zone. Please don’t miss it.


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My Name is David Elliott, Thank you for listening to the show?and we will see you next time on the Waterless Pro Zone!


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