Tamil Nadu is the second most visited province in India for tourism. There are some great attractions for tourists and travelers from overseas and inland in the state.

With an annual growth rate of over 16% Wholesale Buffalo Sabres Shirts , Tamil Nadu tourism is on the rise and the state is already at the second spot on the tourism map of India. Visited by tourist, travelers, people on holidaying program, those arriving for treatment as well as business, Tamil Nadu has everything to offer for the visitors. For instance; many people visit the state to have eye treatment at the famous Shankar Netralaya while many others find the experience of shopping electronic goods at the capital city of Chennai wonderful.

Multiple Reasons for Visiting Tamil Nadu

In fact; people visit Tamil Nadu for multiple reasons that include tourism Wholesale Boston Bruins Shirts , pilgrimage, as gateway to the neighboring country Sri Lanka or for visiting the Andamaan and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal, visiting the hill stations, or the series of temples. Another reason for visiting Tamil Nadu could be enjoying exotic sea beaches in Chennai, Pondichery Wholesale Arizona Coyotes Shirts , Madurai, Rameswarm, or Kanyakumarika. It is also a very lucrative place for businessmen from all over the country and world.

Major Tourist Attractions

Numerous tourist attractions exist in Tamil Nadu. Besides wonderful coastline along the Coromandel Coast it is also flanked by the Eastern Ghats. Some of the great tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu are as follows.

• Trekking and enjoyment of abundance of flora, fauna, and natural spots like waterfalls and lush green landscapes in the Nilgiri and Annamalai hill ranges.

• Historical places reminding one about the great Chola Wholesale Anaheim Ducks Shirts , Pandya, and Pallava dynasties.

• Queen of hill stations in South India Ooty and a series of other hill stations.

• Marina beach in Chennai and such other golden shining beaches with foaming white waves in Mahabalipuram, Pondichery, Madurai, Rameswaram Wholesale Vegas Golden Knights Hoodies , and Kanyakumari.

• World famous Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai, Bridge of Ramachandra on the sea at Dhanuskodi, and a series of such other temples.

• Experiencing delicious South Indian cuisines and the Dravidian culture and heritage in the festivals and social celebrations in Tamil Nadu.

Growing Numbers of Visitors

With its long 1000 kilometer long coastline, vibrant culture and traditions Wholesale Winnipeg Jets Hoodies , picturesque hill stations, many temples with great architectural features; all comprising great tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu, the number of visitors are consistently growing in the state.

Unique Features of the State

Besides other attractions, Tamil Nadu is also one of the choicest locations for the research scholars and historians. For instance; Chennai that is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and 36th largest metropolitan city of the world has a history that goes back to 1640 when British people established it. That is why the city offers many reflections of colonial architecture. It is also one of the main harbors of India that is in existence from the British period.

History, heritage Wholesale Washington Capitals Hoodies , culture, climate, cuisine, picturesque spots, and above all extremely hospitable people of the state are some of the great tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu.

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