For that reason, the sensation of satiety takes place extra fast and lasts longer after a meal rich in protein. Also, proteins are an important substrate #Ultra Fast Keto Boost# for the muscle that wishes them to rebuild and grow. An ok consumption of protein, combined with everyday physical activity, therefore allows to sell the development of stomach muscle groups and the decrease in fat mass round them.

Ingredients wealthy in protein for a flat stomach:

·         Chicken

·         Pieces of lean meats

·         White fish

·         Egg

·         Crustaceans and seafood

·         Dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, and so on.

·         Vegetable milks and soy yogurt

·         Soy

·         Tofu

·         Oilseeds and seeds

·         Spirulina

·         Entire grains

·         Quinoa



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