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May 31, 2019

7 best places to meet girls in summer

Summer in cities and towns is, above all, an abundance of semi-naked bodies. People feel more at ease, more relaxed and are in no hurry to get back into the stuffy room. What is good for you? Well, of course the fact that there are more opportunities to meet a girl.


In summer, the number of places where you can drive up to the girl increases significantly, and we will try to briefly talk about them. In the hot season women's confidence also increased, as, dressed sexy, they were often the subject of male attacks – anyway, sexy women for sure.


When the beautiful half of the dress easier and sexier – it's always something more than just a change of season. We are designed so that when the sun shines brightly and becomes warm, our emotional life acquires new helmets.




Well aware that in the summer to seduce men is much easier than at other times of the year, many girls tend to go beyond the ordinary relationship. They want to experience something new – and here it is, your chance to give them what they want.


In this hot time there are no inappropriate places for a pickup truck. Wherever you encounter a friendly stranger, you can safely drive up to nei. On the street an unexpected meeting can happen at any time. We present the seven best places to meet and pick up in the summer and give practical tips to maximize your chances of success.

Place 1. Grand opening of institutions

There is nothing like a summer evening spent at the party just opened the restaurant. After all, the people who gathered at the Grand opening, want to try something new and have a great time. New acquaintances, entertainment – and this is not a complete list. Just sit on the terrace and don't miss your prey.


How to use it. Grand opening of institutions – social events, ideal for socializing and Dating. But since the new place does not yet have any established fame for him, the girls do not expect that they will be approached here.


The better for you, because the girls are not ready for defense. Tying a conversation, you can raise any topic: menu, decor, Yes, anything.


Place 2. Beach

Men love to look at girls, especially girls in bikinis. Summer in this regard – a real expanse. But, just looking or even throwing carnivorous glances, you will not go far. And all because it is necessary to approach, but not to stare.

Take part in some beach competitions, such as volleyball or Frisbee, and, of course, invite the girls to play.


How to use it. Ask the girl to take part in the game to complement the volleyball team, and start playing. If everything is just the opposite, ask for permission to join the already assembled team.

Place 3. Corporate event

In summer, big corporations organize banquets in the open air: something like picnics, cocktails and the like. Wait a while, and then catch on the hook a girl from another Department or from another company, if there is another Corporation at the Banquet.


But then have to play more nimble than usual. One wrong step can undermine your reputation among colleagues. Therefore, it is necessary to be especially careful podkalivat to the girl you often face at work.


How to use it. Such meetings are conducive to communication, and people at corporate parties are friendly to each other. You won't feel like a stranger, even if most of the women in the company are strangers to you.


If you can not think of anything funny to drive up to the girl and start a conversation, then, as well as at home parties, the very fact of your presence with the girl here – a topic for conversation.


Place 4. Park

All crowded places, such as the Park, like girls who want to attract attention. In addition, women who spend their summer free time in the Park, as a rule, know how to have a good rest, and you should take this into account when meeting with one of them.


How to use it. There are plenty of options for what you can do in the Park. But still, some ways of killing free time more than others, help in getting acquainted with beautiful strangers.

Get a cute dog and take her for a walk. With the help of restless and noisy creatures you can "accidentally" get acquainted with other vacationers.

Ryobi is a great way to get a girl's attention without saying a word. Catching up with the girl, gently throw the ball in front of her – this surprise will cause laughter and allow you to communicate with the girl and make acquaintance.


Place 5. Open-air concerts and festivals

In summer it is a great chance to talk to a lot of girls who want to dance, drink and have fun. Learn the words of several songs of the band and prepare a lighter for slow topics.


And you can do differently – it will be easier for you and painless for your wallet - visiting performances of little-known bands and jazz festivals, where the entrance is free. This is a good place to meet the original girl who does not have big requests.


How to use it. There's no need to say much here: if the music is playing too loud and/or it's just nice to listen to, then chatting will make you look silly.


Hold on gallantly, bring the girl a bottle of water or something to drink, so she did not have to Wade through the crowd back and forth. And most importantly – remember: if a girl came in the company of friends, then she has no boyfriend.

Place 6. Camping

Summer – cool reason to gather your friends, invite girls to jerk in nature. Reasons for Dating here more and drive up here is much easier, because it is obvious that you have common interests: camping. Build a fire, sing a couple of songs with a guitar, walk on the lake and admire the moonlight track or just walk along the shore, looking at the stars.

Then go back to the tent or wander through the woods. If you do, romance and adventure are guaranteed.


How to use it. As you pack, grab a delicious meal that doesn't need to be cooked and can be easily shared, such as smoked oysters or mushroom hats stuffed with cheese and pesto sauce. All this, combined with such an awakening sense of food as fondue chocolate with fresh fruit, will show your ability to plan and impress the girl.


Bring beer, wine or sangria to treat the girls around the campfire. Night can be cold – is not an excuse to warm the girl and maybe even share a sleeping bag? Suddenly in the midst of wild nature in it will awaken primitive instincts?

Seat 7. Landmarks

Here you can always meet the girls who came to your city on a tour or on other business. Invite them to show the city, but always with the condition of a "Cup of coffee" at your home.


Hotels are also a great place to meet tourists, which in summer is incomparably more, or with famous strippers. How to use it. Tie a relationship with a visiting girl and, before offering a tour of the city, show that you are an open guy who has nothing to hide, otherwise because of her tourist suspicion will die in the Bud all your attempts. Besides, you don't want to be taken for a professional guide, do you?


You are an ordinary guy who wants to spend more time with these exceptional girls. As soon as you laughed a couple of times with the girl, then you have become a free guide who knows not only the history of the city, but also the deployment of cozy restaurants and Nightclubs, where your acquaintance with the guards and managers will allow you to get without problems.

October 30, 2016


I have always been a go-getter, someone who wants to be the best. And from an early age, I have known that I wanted to do big things with my life. I wanted to be a “career woman”, one who worked twelve hours a day at a career I loved. I wanted to make thousands of dollars per year, go on luxury vacations, fall in love, and have it all. So I did what you are supposed to do: I got good grades, went to university, and scored high paying job in finance.

I graduated university with the hopes that I would find the job I had always wanted. But after being out of school for a few years and working in the corporate world I just felt bored. Bored and empty. I found myself thinking “Is this it?”. I felt like there must me something more. Something else out there.